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What Every Educator Should Know About reading Research by Anne Falke

Writing to learn, Assessing to Learn by Judith Salden-Sullivan

A Process for Establishing Outcomes-Based Assessment Plans for Writing and Speaking in the Disciplines by Michael Carter

Audience and Purpose in Writing by Jack Jobst

Why So Many Bright Students and So Many Dull Papers?: Peer-Responded Journals as a Partial Solution to the Problem of the Fake Audience by George Gopen

Managing the Paper Load by Rick Straub

Responding, Really Responding, to Other Students' Writing by Rick Straub

Responding to Student Writing: Managing the Paper Load (U of Waterloo)

Responding to Writing: Peer Critiques, Teacher-Student Conferences, and Essay Evaluation by Peter Schiff

The Complexities of Responding to Student Writing by Richard Haswell

Making the Most of Response: Reconciling Coaching and Evaluating Roles for teaching Across the Curriculum by Kate Kiefer and Jamie Neufeld

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